Invoice Monitoring

Why Is Invoice Monitoring Important?

Production costs are rising.  Keeping track of what you’re spending on your project – shooting your commercials, editorial costs, music, agency travel charges, etc. – can be maddening.  Bills roll in and errors can easily be lost in the shuffle.  That’s where we can help.

Accurate Billing. Controlled Costs.

Our proprietary LineWatch® invoice auditing service is the best commercial-production reporting / recording / management system in the industry today and  helps you keep up with the fast pace cycle of advertising production.  Expert eyes take a look at each agency and vendor invoice in real time, line by line, BEFORE you pay it.  LineWatch® protects you from duplicate invoices, missing receipts, unapproved overages, and other budget busters.

Express Turnaround

Within 48 hours or less, we meticulously review all agency and vendor bills, post charges against your approved estimates, and forward clean invoices directly to you.  When issues are detected, we work with your agency to swiftly resolve any discrepancies so that you – and your budget – can breathe a little easier.

Numerous Benefits:

  • Easily manage and track your production funds.
  • See cumulative and running costs on individual production categories.
  • See cost comparisons and trends from agency to agency, production house to production house.
  • See any analysis you want or need: average cost, cost of full-up production vs. quick and rough, typical overage areas to watch, bottom line creep during production, extraordinary agency charges, and more.
  • See budget accrual reports to avoid nasty surprises at the end of the fiscal year.

How Does It Work?

Agency invoices are sent electronically to our headquarters in Cincinnati. We make sure charges are:

  • properly authorized
  • posted to the correct job number
  • calculated correctly
  • appropriate on a line-by-line, as well as a bottom line, basis

All of these checkpoints, and especially the last one, is intended to eliminate any agency temptation to allocate funds from one category to another resulting in spending the maximum budget or overspending in certain categories.

No individual or bottom line cost passes through our system without client authorization.  You can rest assured that you will get the best creative output for the lowest possible cost.

Why the Process Is Valuable to You

By eliminating the need for your Accounts Payable division to decipher invoices, make financial judgment calls, or approve charges they don’t understand, you maximize their time and leave the complex business of invoice auditing to us.

Our LineWatch® personnel offer the following expertise to make sure you get accurate billing and controlled costs:

  • specially trained to solve production billing problems
  • experts in non-combative, solution-oriented communication with top agencies
  • resolve friction between client and agency and preserve relationships

Intelligent Reporting

In addition to all of the other benefits above, LineWatch® reports are easy to understand and user friendly.  Many clients prefer to use our data over their own internal reports.

Seeing and being able to easily interpret data about a specific job or about the fiscal year as a whole is an invaluable asset that can be used to improve your processes and performance in the coming years.

Bottom “Line”:  LineWatch® allows you to see where you are each moment along the way so that you can make intelligent and data backed decisions about where to go next.  For a remarkably low cost, you can maximize your production investment and minimize the headaches that come with complex invoicing.


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