Meet the team

MRA Staff

At MRA, you’ll work with the most knowledgeable team of consultants in the business. Each MRA consultant has over 20 years of experience and collectively, our backgrounds cover the client side, agencies, production companies, post facilities, print houses, and web development companies. So, our team can provide first-hand insight into all facets of the advertising industry.

Fran Furtner

Fran Furtner President

Larry Haggart

Larry Haggart Executive VP

Stacey St. John

Stacey St. John Director, Business Development

Brandee Knox

Brandee Knox Digital Advisor

Valida Beckman

Valida Beckman Co-Op Program Specialist

Doug Bergheger

Doug Bergheger Production Advisor

Tiffany Boyd

Tiffany Boyd Production Advisor

Erik Braaten

Erik Braaten Production Advisor

Christie Brokensha

Christie Brokensha Production Advisor

Kim Green

Kim Green Co-Op Program Specialist

Patty Henson

Patty Henson LineWatch Specialist

Nancy Jacobs

Nancy Jacobs Office Manager

Steve Klatte

Steve Klatte LineWatch Specialist

Debbie Meiners

Debbie Meiners LineWatch Operations Manager

Keith Myers

Keith Myers Production Advisor

Ryan Nelson

Ryan Nelson Assistant Production Advisor

Cindy Pomroy

Cindy Pomroy Production Advisor

Christi Reynolds

Christi Reynolds Digital Advisor

Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice Production Advisor

Kim Rospond

Kim Rospond LineWatch Specialist

Cheryl Sallwasser

Cheryl Sallwasser Finance Manager

Sandy Wright

Sandy Wright Administrative Assistant

Our experience

MRA’s Production Advisors each bring 20+ years of real-world experience from the agency, client, & supplier sides of the production business.

Our team

We pride ourselves on being extremely responsive to our brands and agencies and are especially proud of our “best in class” reputation in the industry.

Our focus

We balance cost savings with the importance of producing communications at the desired quality level.  We’re not about “cheap” but instead focused on “best value.”

Our mission

To help you maximize the value of your production spending through expert review & negotiation of costs, process excellence, and innovation.

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