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Your brand is your message to the world, and we want to help you express it in the best way possible.  You can rely on our production advisors to respect the creative strategy behind your efforts while also spotting potential scheduling and cost issues BEFORE they cause problems.

Helping You Do More For Less

Consider our services a simple way to do a reality check on your project. We’re committed to driving out extra costs without driving down production values or compromising your message.  Since our founder, Miner Raymond, left P&G in 1980 to start MRA, we’ve never lost sight of our marketing and branding roots.  We continue to be an outstanding resource to connect you with the talent and services you need to make your advertising efficient, economical, and extraordinary.

Today, we advise over 500 national and global brands that trust us to maximize their production budgets while protecting their most valuable asset.  Here’s what a few of them have to say about MRA:

Chief Marketing Officer, Global Food & Beverage:

MRA provided valuable insights, from an advertising production perspective, that helped us reduce cost by more than 12% while delivering on each of our communication objectives.  I was extremely pleased with the working relationship between MRA, brand team and agency.  They helped us achieve what we needed from a very tight production budget and we didn’t lose a day in the production cycle.

Sr. Director, Brand Strategic Planning, Global Retail:

Awesome, as always! Don’t know what I’d do without you!

VP, Marketing, Global Foods:

Your insights and knowledge have truly been invaluable.

Brand Manager, Global Food & Beverage:

It’s been a pleasure working with you over the years. You’ve added tremendous value to my team’s efforts for several brands.

Brand Manager, Global Healthcare:

We did it! The videos are great! Big thank you for helping out so much – with process, with budgets, and with coaching.

Brand Team, Global Pharmaceuticals

Thanks to you, as always, for making sure we get the best bang for the buck.  You are a great partner!


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