Managed Services

World-Class Support You Can Count On

Acting as an extension of your team, our expert staff will help you improve productivity, streamline operations, and deliver on your business goals. We’re poised to save you time and money, and because of our simple 3-step implementation process, any of our Managed Service offerings can be deployed quickly and easily.

Production Management

Whether you’re producing content for broadcast, digital, social, or a live experience, MRA’s Production Management team seamlessly guides every aspect of the production process to deliver the content you want in the most cost-effective manner. Whether you need a Production Manager embedded full-time within your organization, need support on a singular project — or anything in between — we’ll blend top talent with modern technologies and best practices to execute production on-time and on-budget.

Invoice Auditing

By eliminating the need for your Accounts Payable division to decipher invoices, make financial judgment calls, or approve charges they don’t understand, you can maximize their time and leave the complex business of production invoice auditing to us. Our expert LineWatch® invoice auditing teams scrutinize complex production invoices and vendor back-up documentation in real-time, swiftly identifying and resolving all billing issues on your behalf prior to payment. With our support, your enterprise will mitigate risks, contain costs, and expand productivity – all while staying ahead of today’s rising transparency expectations.

Production Incentive Management

While production incentives can provide tremendous financial benefits to you, navigating the highly-complex process can be a daunting task. That’s why it’s critical to have the right resources on your side. MRA is partnered with industry’s leading experts in production incentives, and it’s through this collaboration that we deliver a full-service, end-to-end Production Incentive Management solution to help you proactively deliver on your brand strategy and budget.

Business Affairs

Whether you’re looking to centralize advertising operations or fill a short-term gap, MRA can provide the expertise and flexibility you’re seeking. Our highly-skilled Business Affairs experts have hands-on experience around the world and will help you navigate the complexities of hiring union and non-union talent. We provide support in all facets of production – from negotiations, contract execution, talent administration, rights management, and more. Because of our flexible engagement models, you’ll have the ability to leverage an expert-solution that uniquely fits your business needs and objectives.

Bidding Management

While this function has historically been managed by ad agencies, advertisers are increasingly looking to develop direct relationships within the production supply chain to maximize transparency and control. By centralizing production Bidding Management with MRA, an objective 3rd party, you’re guaranteed a fair, ethical bidding process in all markets around the world. And with our proprietary bid management technology, you’ll unlock a world of efficiencies through bid standardization and a simple tool to easily acquire, analyze, and benchmark against historical production data.

Cooperative/Partnership Marketing

If you’re not actively managing your co-op advertising, you’re probably leaving money on the table. With MRA, you’ll be able to manage your partnership marketing initiatives and provide maximum return. Whether we’re implementing the process on your behalf or simply providing “behind-the-scenes” support, MRA delivers a customized co-op solution that gets the job done. Complete. On time. Ready to raise your bottom line.