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Invoice Monitoring. Controlled Costs.

Our proprietary LineWatch® invoice auditing service is the best commercial-production reporting / recording / management system in the industry today and gives you transparency and control over your actual cost.

Expert eyes take a look at each agency and vendor invoice in real time, line by line, before you pay it.

LineWatch® protects you from duplicate invoices, missing receipts, unapproved overages, and other budget busters.

Kim Rospond, LineWatch® Account Specialist

Why the Process Is Valuable to You

By eliminating the need for your Accounts Payable team to decipher invoices, make financial judgment calls, or approve charges they don’t understand, you maximize their time and leave the complex business of invoice auditing to us.

Within 2 business days, we meticulously review all agency and vendor bills, post charges against your approved estimates, and forward clean invoices directly to you. When issues are detected, we work with your agency to swiftly resolve any discrepancies so that you – and your budget – can breathe a little easier.


On-Demand Access To Business Intelligence

Leveraging your production data is an invaluable asset that can be used to improve your processes and positively impact your business.

MRA offers the most robust business intelligence and reporting system in the industry. In addition to production spending and savings reporting delivered on your schedule, you’ll have access to information at your fingertips through a customized Production Resource Center.